Charles Dennison

Charles Gilmore Dennison was born 1945 in Pittsburgh, PA. He studied at Westminster Theological Seminary under some of the most important scholars of the twentieth century, men like Richard Gaffin, Cornelius Van Til, Meredeth Kline, and Edmund Clowney. He got his master's degree in English Literature from Duquesne University. From 1976-1999, the year of his death, he served as the pastor of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), in Sewickley, PA. In addition, Dennison served as historian of the OPC from 1981-1999. His contribution to Biblical Theology is a collection of over 500 sermons, several articles, and a series of lectures on church history. But more than this, he was a pastor and a churchman. As a pastor he was always conscious of his eschatological environment, that he spoke in Christ in the sight of God. As a churchman, his resolute voice was heard year after year on the floor of the Presbytery of Ohio and General Assembly. His devotion to the purity and peace of the church of Christ was his most memorable theological statement. Dennison's theology was not so much in word and deed, but in Spirit and power.

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