Our Vision for the Commentaries Page and an Invitation

Keeping up with materials in Biblical Studies becomes a more and more difficult task. More literature on the Bible has been published in the past fifteen years than in the previous eighty-five; and more in those eighty-five years than the previous three centuries--from the Reformation to the turn of the 20th century. Because it is our conviction that keeping up-to-date with Biblical scholarship is imperative for relevant preaching and teaching, this list will be frequently updated. The church's exegetical endeavor progresses particularly as it confronts new issues which come to light through critical and historical theory.

Our vision to include a brief overview and review of each of the titles recommended in our commentaries list to provide for you an idea of what aspect of each recommended reading is particularly helpful. This is a momentous undertaking for a handful of seminary students. From time to time we will fall behind as more urgent projects pile up. (This does not mean that we have stopped reading and reviewing books.) Because no one group has the time (or money) to keep up with the vast array of materials on every text of the Bible, two-age.org invites its Biblical-Theological constituency ("you") to send us your own readings recommendations. If we are able we will peruse your recommended titles and include them in our list. We also solicit your reviews, which, having been approved by the two-age staff, we will include on our master list with acknowledgments to you.

We thank you for your participation in two-age.org's bibliography project.