Verse-by-Verse Commentaries:

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intermediate level; moderate Catholic perspective; commentary is even briefer and more scant than Price, introduction a little longer;
terseness value.

Delbert R. Hillers, Lamentations: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Anchor), Doubleday, 1992.****
intermediate/advanced level; moderate Catholic perspective; covenantal, exegetical, philological, OT-theological, value;
a quality, if somewhat, dated commentary; the place to start.

Robert Martin-Achard and S. Paul Re’emi, God's People in Crisis (ITC). Eerdmans, 1984.
two brief commentaries in one volume: a commentary on Amos by Martin-Achard, and a commentary on Lamentations by Re’emi;
concise introduction, helpful Biblical cross-references, decent exegetical overview; less than technical notes, some deficient critical

Ross Price, "Lamentations" in The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, The Southwestern Company, 1970: 695-701.***
an overview-commentary in six over-sized pages from a conservative evangelical perspective; a decent fifteen-minute over-view.

Iain Provan, Lamentations (New Century Bible Commentary), Eerdmans, 1991.****
conservative perspective; incisive, unextravagant, mature commentary; textual, exegetical value, refreshingly to overly agnostic
on introductory issues.

Johan Renkema, Lamentations (Historical Commentary on the Old Testament), Peeters, 1998.
intermediate/advanced level; conservative/moderate protestant perspective; first-rate scholarship, exhaustive.

Monographs, Compilations, and Studies:

Barry G. Webb, Five Festal Garments: Christian Reflections on the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther
____ (New Studies in Biblical Theology), Inter Varsity Press, 2001. ****
beginning/intermediate level; Reformed/evangelical perspective; biblical-theological emphasis; succinct yet deep, theological yet practical,
provocative howbeit general/broad insights.

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this is the article to begin with.

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intermediate/advanced level; evangelical perspective; historical, literary, hermeneutical value.

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Not Yet Reviewed

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