On Old Testament Poetry

Recommended Books

Robert Alter, The Art of Biblical Poetry, Basic Books, 1985.****
Adele Berlin
, The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism (Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature), Indiana University Press, 1992.****
________ "Introduction to Hebrew Poetry" in New Interpreter's Bible, vol. IV, Abingdon, 1996. ****
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Peter Enns and Doug Green,
Poets, Westminster Media, tape series
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Books on Exegesis

Jan P. Fokkelman, Major Poems of the Hebrew Bible: At the Interface of Hermeneutics & Structural Analysis (Vol. 1), Van Gorcum, 1997. ****
________ Major Poems of the Hebrew Bible: At the Interface of Prosody & Structural Analysis (Vol. 2), Van Gorcum, 1999. ****
________ Major Poems of the Hebrew Bible (Vol. 3), Van Gorcum, 2001.

Recommended Articles

Adele Berlin, "The Grammatical Aspect of Biblical Parallelism" in Beyond Form Criticism: Essays in Old Testament Literary Criticism
____ (Sources for Biblical and Theological Study, 2), ed. P. R. House, Eisenbrauns, 1992: 311-348.
a revolutionary article based on Roman Jakobson's important literary critical insights; previously published in her Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism,
Indiana University Press, 1985, pp. 31-63,144-146.

________ "On Reading Biblical Poetry: The Role of Metaphor" in Congress Volume: Cambridge 1995 (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum, 66)
____ ed. J. A. Emerton, E. J. Brill, 1997: 25-36.
________ "Motif and Creativity in Biblical Poetry," Prooftexts 3 (1983): 231-241.
Aloysius Fitzgerald, "Hebrew Poetry" in The New Jerome Study Bible, Prentice Hall, 1990: 201-208.
John H. Stek, "The Stylistics Of Hebrew Poetry," Calvin Theological Journal 9 (1974) 15-30.

Other Books of Interest

Terence Collins, Line-Forms in Hebrew Poetry: A Grammatical Approach to the Stylistic Study of the Hebrew Prophets, Biblical Institute
____ Press, 1978.
Frank Moore Cross Jr., et al, Studies in Ancient Yahwistic Poetry (SBL Dissertation, 21), Scholars Press, 1975.
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