Summary: Sola Scriptura
Problems and Principles in Preaching Historical Texts
by Sidney Greidanus

Wedge Publishing Foundation, Toronto, 1970

Greidanus documents the recent history of the "Redemptive-Historical" movement in the Netherlands and contrasts it with the liberal upsurgance of the "Exemplary" preaching model in the 1930's and 40's proponented by such neo-orthodox scholars as Schleiermacher and Bultmann. He outlines the dangers of the "Exemplary" model and offers biblical principles for preaching historical texts which so often serve as sources for moralistic examples, good and bad, in liberal preaching. This treatise is aimed at pastors primarily, those to whom it is given to proclaim the Word to the church of God. Greidanus's goal is to honor and defend the heritage of reformed preaching. He also purposes to bring the issues of hermeneutics and homiletics to the fore in other countries besides the Netherlands which have been sucked into a style of preaching which is man-centered rather than God-centered. His zeal for Sola Scriptura is compelling, his devotion to the church of God and dedication to his profession are evident, and his scholarship is competant. All preachers should have a copy of this book.


I. General Orientation

Homiletics and Hermeneutics
Exemplary Interpretation and Preaching
The Dutch Controversy: "Exemplarisch-Heilshistorisch"

II. Survey of the Exemplary--Redemptive-Historical Controversy

The Background of the Controversy
The Controversy Itself
The Fade-Out of the Controversy

III. Objections to the Exemplary Approach

Objections to the Exemplary View of Scripture
Objections to the Exemplary Method of Interpreting Historical Texts
Objections to the Exemplary Preaching of Historical Texts
Objections to Exemplary-Subjective Preaching
Objections to Using the Preachers in Scripture as Examples

IV. The Redemptive-Historical Approach

Redemptive-Historical History
The Redemptive-Historical Method of Interpreting Historical Texts
The Redemptive-Historical Preaching of Historical Texts
Preaching the Word
Textual, Expository Preaching

V. Critique

The Hermeneutic Use of the Progression in Redemptive History
The Characterization of Historical Texts

VI. Principles for Preaching Historical Texts

The Scopus of Historical Texts
The Selection of the Historical Preaching-Text
The Historical Interpretation
The Organic Interpretation
Theocentric-Christocentric Preaching
Textual-Thematic Preaching
Relevant Preaching

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