Summary: Some Epistemological Reflections on 1 Cor 2:6-16
by Richard Gaffin

Richard Gaffin defends Van Tillian epistemology brilliantly in this brief article, providing exegetical and historical insights into the biblical theory of knowledge propounded by the long time professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary. Gaffin's unique emphasis on the Apostle Paul's eschatological framework comes through brilliantly in this article in which he compares Paul's teaching with Christ's. The wisdom of this age is incomparable with the wisdom of the age to come. Gaffin relates the epistemic significance of the Holy Spirit's soteric work in the minds and hearts of the new covenant believer, and the fundamental eschatological nature of the spiritual man. He addresses the errors of the classical view taking them on in their own backyard, Romans 1, and demonstrates the unity of Paul's thought. Any fan of Dr. Van Till should read this article.

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