Summary: "Har Meggedon: The End of the Millennium"
by Meredith Kline

Professor Kline argues quite compellingly for amillennial eschatology in this article. His attention to language and sensitivity to Scripture is unmatched by his contemporary scholars. He points out that the structure of the book of Revelation is recapitulatory, each section progressively revealing the history of the New Testament church from a different angle and culminating with the final battle. He postulates irrefutably from intensive literary studies that Har Meggedon is in fact heavenly Mt. Zion. Further he relates the Ezekiel account of the God-Magog battle to the battle of Har Meggedon, and its eschatological significance, refuting both the pre-millennial and post-millennial views. This article is not for the beginning or casual reader. In consistent Meredith Kline fashion, it is chocked full of Hebrew and Greek grammatical research and structural parallelism; a brain-workout for even the most erudite Bible scholars.

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