Summary for Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos

Dr. Geerhardus Vos was the chair of the Biblical Theology department at Princeton Seminary for 39 years. His treatise bearing that title is a conglomeration of student notes and class outlines assembled, edited, and published by Dr. Vos's son, Johannes G. Vos and first published in 1948 with an introduction composed by Vos at that occasion. In Biblical Theology, Vos traces the history of special revelation from Creation to Jesus's earthly ministry. His focus on the organic nature of revelation and its inseparable relation to the historical progress of redemption was groundbreaking in his day and promises to continue to provide invaluable insights for students, pastors, and lay alike.


The Old Testament

I. The Mosaic Epoch of Revelation

A. Introduction: The Nature and Method of Biblical Theology
B. The Mapping Out of the Field of Revelation
C. The Content of Pre-Redemptive Special Revelation
D. The Content of the First Redemptive Special Revelation
E. The Noachian Revelation and the Development Leading up to it
F. The Period Between Noah and the Great Patriots
G. Revelation in the Patriarchal Period
H. Revelation in the Period of Moses

1. The Place of Moses in the Organism of Old Testament Revelation
2. The Form of Revelation in the Mosaic Period
3. The Content of the Mosaic Revelation

a. The factual basis
b. The Berith made between Jehovah and Israel
c. The organization of Israel
d. The decalogue
e. The ritual

II. The Prophetic Epoch of Revelation

A. The Place of Prophetism in Old Testament Revelation
B. The Conception of a Prophet: Names and Etymologies
C. The History of Prophetism: Critical Theories
D. The Mode of Reception of the Prophetic Revelation
E. The Mode of Communication of the Prophesy
F. The Content of the Prophetic Revelation

1. The Nature and Attributes of Jehovah
2. The Bond between Jehovah and Israel
3. The Rupture of the Bond: The Sin of Israel
4. The Judgment and Restoration

The New Testament

I. The Structure of New Testament Revelation

A. From Indications in the Old Testament
B. From the Teachings of Jesus
C. From the Teachings of Paul and the other Apostles

II. Revelation Connected with the Nativity

III. Revelation Connected with John the Baptist

IV. Revelation in the Probation of Jesus

V. The Revelation of Jesus's Public Ministry

A. The Various Aspects of Christ's Revealing Function
B. The Question of Development
C. The Method of Jesus' Teaching
D. Jesus' Attitude Toward the Scriptures of the Old Testament
E. Jesus' Doctrine of God
F. Jesus' Teaching on the Kingdom of God

1. The Formal Questions
2. The Essence of the Kingdom

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